Energix Campaign

The Virginia Coalition for Human Rights (VCHR) supports responsible solar energy, but it opposes the construction of solar energy projects by Energix in Virginia. The map below shows the status of Energix solar projects as of July 2021.

VCHR opposes Energix because it is an LLC incorporated under Energix Group, Ltd., an Israeli-based company that has been cited by the United Nations for its violations of human rights in the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

Cited as #32 on a United Nations list for constructing renewable energy projects on occupied land in Palestine and in Syria, Energix has brought its worst practices to Virginia that has resulted in almost $200,000 of fines imposed by the state Department of Environmental Quality. In addition, Energix exclusively utilizes solar panels that consist of the toxic metal alloy Cadmium Telluride (CdTe), which has the potential to leach into soil and water.

As of May 2024, Virginia communities in 6 counties have successfully opposed 10 Energix solar energy project applications:

  • May 2024 - Dinwiddie County: Permit denied to Lily Pond Solar
  • Feb 2024 - Amherst County: Permit denied to Piney River Solar
  • May 2023 - Dinwiddie County: Energix withdrawal of Lily Pond Solar
  • May 2023 - Amherst County: Energix withdrawal of Piney River Solar
  • May 2023 - Franklin County: Energix withdrawal of Mountain Brook Solar
  • Nov 2022 - New Kent County: Energix withdrawal of New Kent Solar
  • Oct 2022 - Pulaski County: Permit denied to Helios Solar
  • Sept 2022 - Caroline County: Permit denied to Racehorse Solar
  • Oct 2021 - Dinwiddie County: Permit denied to Lily Pond Solar
  • Sept 2021 - Franklin County: Energix withdrawal of Westlake Solar

VCHR Presentation on Energix in Virginia

On March 4, 2022, Jeanne Trabulsi presented a comprehensive overview of the Eject Energix campaign at the Transcending the Israel Lobby Home and Abroad Conference 2022. The conference was held at the The National Press Club and organized by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, Inc.

The slide deck of VCHR's presentation at this conference can be found here.

What can you do?

Customize these VCHR documents to the community to suit your purposes:

Consent Orders and Notice of Violation to Energix

05/20/2024 - DEQ Enforcement Action - Consent Order issued for seven Energix sites

10/18/2023 - DEQ Notice of Violation issued for six Energix sites

03/06/2023 - DEQ Enforcement Action - Consent Order issued for seven Energix sites

06/08/2022 - DEQ Enforcement Action - Consent Order issued for Caden Energix Wytheville

06/08/2022 - State Water Control Board Enforcement Action - Consent Order issued for Buckingham Solar II

CdTe Test Reports

01/12/2021 - Size- and Surface-Dependent Solubility of Cadmium Telluride

05/13/2018 - Study warns of environmental risks from solar modules

08/15/2017 - Leaching of Cadmium and Tellurium from Cadmium Telluride

02/21/2015 - CdTe and CdSe leaching behavior and surface chemistry in response to pH and O2

Press Releases and Statements

05/29/2024 - VCHR: State of Virginia fines Energix Renewables $158,000 for environmental violations--further damaging Energix's reputation in Virginia

05/27/2024 - VCHR Statement on DEQ Consent Order issued May 20, 2024

01/13/2023 - VCHR: Virginia communities petition authorities to cancel Energix solar projects jeopardizing the Israeli firm's revenues

06/20/2022 - Israel's Energix Renewable Energies fined over $90,000 in Virginia for Environmental Violations

09/10/2020 - VCHR opposes excessive Virginia subsidies to Energix Renewable Energies, Ltd.

02/24/2020 - Chesapeake should revoke Energix solar energy permits over UN designated human rights concerns

Newspaper Articles

05/29/2024 - Southwest Virginia Sun: Solar dreams turned into nightmare for Wythe farmer

05/22/2024 - ABC13: Solar company facing 6-figure fine from Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

05/21/2024 - Roanoke Times: Solar farm developer cited for western Virginia environmental violations

05/21/2024 - Cardinal News: Solar firm Energix fined again for Virginia environmental violations

02/22/2024 - The News and Advance: Supervisors vote to deny Piney River solar facility

05/18/2023 - The News and Advance: Energix withdraws permit for Amherst solar facility, will rework request

05/11/2023 - Roanoke Times: Energix withdraws second solar farm proposal in Franklin County due to public outcry

03/17/2023 - Martinsville Bulletin: Trabulsi: Understand true impact of solar farms

02/06/2023 - The Carroll News: VHCR issues statement regarding Energix solar projects

11/22/2022 - Daily Press- Tidewater Review: Solar farm proposal withdrawn in New Kent

10/29/2022 - The Pulaski County Patriot: Supervisors reject permit for Shiloh solar project

08/05/2022 - Mint Press: Israeli Company and UN Human Rights Violator Energix Under Scrutiny for Environmental Violations in US

10/31/2021 - The Dinwiddie Monitor: Dinwiddie rejects solar project agreement

09/09/2021 - The Roanoke Times: Westlake solar farm plans scrapped by energy company