VCHR Education Campaigns

The Education Committee of VCHR has been involved in a variety of campaigns related to education improvement and support.

Students at graduation throwing their hats in the air.

Students at graduation throwing their hats in the air (Photo by Pixabay)

Campaign for VA Textbook Accuracy

In 2018, the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights (VCHR) initiated a campaign for Virginia textbook accuracy. More information can be found here.

Campaign for History SOL Improvement

From 2019 on, this campaign has been extended to reviewing Standards of Learning (SOLs) that relate to World History and Virginia and U.S. History. The work we have been involved in is reported here.

Review and Annotation of the MENA Resource Guide

In 2023, the Education Committee of VCHR reviewed and annotated the MENA Resource Guide for Secondary Teachers, which can be found here.