Legislative Campaigns 2018

Virginia General Assembly 2018 – SB15/HB1470/HB1297

What are SB15/HB1470/HB1297?

These bills would have amended the Code of Virginia to reorganize VIAB as the Virginia Israel Advisory Authority (VIAA). The VIAB, which until now had been under the Governor’s office, would have the authority to appoint their own executive director.

Why did we oppose SB15/HB1470/HB1297?

We believe that VIAB does not need the independence of an Authority to fulfill its mission of economic development.
We believe that there is no justification for singling out VIAB with the privileges and the power of an Authority for the following reasons:

  • Making the VIAB an authority would remove much of its accountability;
  • Making the VIAB an authority would exceed its mission by advancing the political interests of Israel; and
  • Making the VIAB an authority would allow it to circumvent oversight by the Executive Branch, in particular the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

What was the outcome?

VIAB remained a Board but was transferred from the Executive Branch to the Legislative Branch—under the General Assembly. It now has the power to appoint its own Executive Director. It now has a free office located in the Pocahontas Building at taxpayer expense.

Virginia General Assembly 2018 - HJ165/HR100

What is HJ165/HR100?

HR 100 is a resolution that commends the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. It directs the Clerk of the House of Delegates to present a copy of this resolution to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer as an expression of the House of Delegates’ continued admiration of Israel’s many accomplishments and best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous future.

Why did we oppose HJ165/HR100?

We are opposed to the introduction of legislation that focuses on and solely pertains to foreign countries in U.S. state legislatures. We believe that that kind of legislation belongs in the U.S. Congress.

What was the outcome?

HR 100 passed the House of Delegates on March 2, 2018.